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CH Quinney's Red Zone
DOB February 21, 2017
Otter is a lovely plain bitch we kept from our Nan/Braden Litter. With the
most wonderful temperament Otter is a joy to live with. She is my constant
companion, TV watching buddy, new puppy playmate and traveler
extraordinaire. Otter was owner handled for the majority of her points and
finished out her Championship with Terri Galle for her 2nd and 3rd back to
back majors. Otter is my very first home bred champion and it has been a
thrilling ride.
Clear N/N- GenSol Gentics 2017
Carrier N/A - NCSU 2017
02/16/19  Alba Medical- 0 singles, 0 pairs, 0 runs.
10/16/18 at 20 months of age.
FR 1.74, innocent Grade 1 murmur, no evidence of heart
disease. Performed by Dr. Luis Braz-Ruivo Board Certified
03/06/19 Thyroid Normal, TgAA negative,
Texas A&M
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