Grand Champion
Minstrel's Center Ice "Ovi"
Born April 19, 2013
July 18, 2015
HUGE thanks to her handler, Terri
Ovi in the ring during American Boxer
Club Week in May, 2014
(Photograph by Jillian Adolf)
In the ring in Houston with Terri Galle
July, 2014
Three major wins in July!
Bred by Minstrel and Brandiwine Boxers, Ovi comes from truly excellent health testing and longevity.  
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With her handler, Carol McGuire, on the lead, Ovi wins the Beginner Puppy Working Group both days
her debut weekend in September, 2013, goes on to win Best of Breed Beginner Puppy two days
during Regional Week in October, then goes into 6-9 for the first time in November, taking Winners
Bitch three times in five days (and Reserve the other two!), and the Puppy Working Group.

NEWS FLASH! Back into the ring she went at the American Boxer Club National in May, 2014, winning
her class of seventeen under judge Mrs. Patricia Mullen.

And the next day, Ovi moved to Texas with us to become the new foundation for Quinney’s Boxers.

In July, Ovi was entered in ten shows with Terri Galli on her lead.  She won three of them ~ all majors.  
One 3-pointer, and two 4-pointers.  She took the rest of the summer off and then...

NEWS FLASH!  Ovi is a new champion!  On October 4, 2014 in Humble, Texas, first day back in the
ring she got it done.

NEWS FLASH! Ovi is a new GRAND champion on July 18, 2015, with 27 total points, five majors
under five different judges, and three wins over competition.

Next job?  Motherhood. :-)

Ovi has a solid, outgoing, intensely-focused but sweet temperament, and is a wonderful family
member who adores all of her kids. Ovi has also been fully health tested for all pertinent boxer health
conditions. Certificates available upon request.
In the ring at Bluegrass Boxer Club
ABC Week, 2014
Handled by her sire’s breeder/owner,
Cheryl Cates
Sweeps win in April, 2014 at Maryland
Boxer Club
judge Sue Tolbert
With myself on the lead, after taking
the second of two Select Majors
in October, 2014... celebrating with her
ribbon. :-)

Grand Championship, here we come!
Surveying her new domain in Texas.
A/N Carrier- by parentage
A/N Carrier- NCSU
11/25/14 - 4 singles, 0 pairs, 0 runs - Alba Medical
05/06/16 - 3 singles, 0 pairs, 0 runs - Alba Medical
08/10/17 - 0 singles, 0 pairs, 0 runs - Alba Medical
5/5/14 echo-doppler performed by Kate Muers
DACVIM, no murmur 1.7 flow rate
1/23/15 Texas A&M, normal TGAA negative
Health Test