Celena Quinney
very important to us. With that in mind we ask that you please fill out a Puppy Application and include all of the information
requested. This information allows us to get to know each of our prospective puppy families better and to make better educated
decisions about puppy placement.

Our puppies come with docked tails, dew claws removed and age appropriate minimal vaccines and worming.  We also provide
an 18 month health warranty on boxer congenital diseases; Aortic Stenosis, Sub aortic Stenosis, Boxer Cardiomyopathy, and
Hip Dysplasia.  And as always, a lifetime of breeder assistance in any way possible.  

These puppies will be raised using the Puppy Culture Program. If you are not familiar with it I encourage you to visit their website
and learn about this awesome program. While genetics do lay the foundation of a puppies temperament, the raising and nurturing
of your puppies from day one plays a huge role in their development. I also encourage my puppy families to purchase the Puppy
Culture Program and continue using it with their puppies after they go home.

Show Prospects and Pet puppies decisions are not finalized until after their eight week evaluations.

All of our
companion puppies will be sold on Limited AKC Registration and  a sales agreement. We do not believe that early
spay or neuter is in the best interest of our dogs and so require that both dogs and bitches be allowed to mature to 2 years of age
before altering. All
companion puppies have the same pedigrees; receive the same love, care and devotion; and make excellent
family members. Consequently we do not differentiate between sex or color when setting the price of our puppies. Companion
Puppies are $2,000.

Any show or breeding prospects will be considered on an individual basis and will be placed on a Co-Ownership until contract
terms are met.  

Shipping is available at the purchasers expense. Please ask for additional information.
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