Please copy and past the questions below into an email. Or you can just tell us a
about yourselves and family, making sure to hit on the questions topics below.

Please make sure to include your NAME, ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBER and EMAIL
ADDRESS in your application. This makes it much easier for me to keep
applications organized. :-)
Thank You

Have you owned a boxer before?
Are you familiar with Boxer's grooming requirements, temperament, nutritional needs, and
activity level?
Do you have a preference in color or sex? ( I recommend staying open minded about color
and sex and concentrating more on the best temperament for your specific situation.)
Would you consider a young or adult dog?

Do you plan on doing any type of canine obedience, sports or competitions?
Would you be interested in AKC conformation showing?
Do you plan to take your puppy to Basic Obedience Classes?

Do you live in a house, apartment, condo, or other?
Do you own or rent your home?
Do you have a fenced backyard? Please describe.
If not, what are your plans for giving your puppy adequate exercise and potty areas?
Do you plan for your puppy to be an indoor dog?
Do you plan on crate training your puppy? I highly recommend it and NO it isn't cruel. :-)
What is the approximate number of hours your puppy will be alone?
Is someone home during the day, or able to get home to let the puppy out to potty?

Do you have children?
If so, what ages?
Have they been around puppies/dogs before?
Boxers and kids go great together, but require teaching and training on BOTH sides to
prevent unfortunate accidents.   

Do you currently have any other animals?
Have you had a dog in the past?
Have you ever had to give up a dog because of changes in your living situation? If so,
please explain.

Are ALL the adults in the home in agreement about bringing in a new pet?
Does anyone in the home have allergies?

Do you have a regular veterinarian? Please provide his name and phone number.
Do you have plans in place for an emergency vet bill should the need ever arise?
(We all hope it never happens but need to be prepared. Vet bills can get into the
thousands of dollars very quickly.)
Do you have plans for your dog in the event of a natural disaster or emergency? Such as
hurricane's, flood's, etc.

In your own words tell us a little about yourselves and your lifestyle. :-)

Email your application to
Please allow at least a week for me to reply. Especially if I have a litter of puppies on the