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KP N' Quinney's Look Who's Your Man

MBIS MBISS Am GCGS/ Can CH Duba Dae's Who's Your Daddy
CH KP's She's Got The Look, " Fallon"
DOB February 23, 2018
Toby comes to us from KP Boxer's in North Dakota, bred by Keri Paulson.
Toby has a fabulous pedigree with some truly legendary dogs in it. When
we saw he was available we jumped at the chance to bring him into our
home. He is a wonderful addition with a sweet, outgoing, yet solid
temperament.  Keri graciously allowed me to owner handle Toby to his
AKC Championship. Toby was a great show dog and it was a fabulous
experience working towards his championship together!

Toby's health testing to date has been excellent and we look forward to
seeing what little Toby's will look like :-) Toby is available at stud to
approved health tested bitches. Live breedings and fresh chilled semen
Heterozygous-N/A Animal Genetics 2019
Homozygous- A/A Animal Genetics 2019
06/13/19 - Alba Medical- 48 singles, 0 pairs, 0 runs.
03/01/20 - Alba Medical- 0 singles, 0 pairs, 0 runs.
05/16/19 color echo doppler-
FR 1.67, no murmur, no evidence of heart disease. Performed
by Dr. Luis Braz-Ruivo Board Certified Cardiologist
06/17/19 - Thyroid panel normal, TgAA negative, Texas A&M
Baby Toby